Michael Ausiello Leaving Entertainment Weekly


So sad to type this up today, but It had to happen someday: Michael Ausiello is leaving Entertainment Weekly. He has decided to run his own website on MMC Corporation which has been gaining ground on websites that has to do with all different types of entertainment media. The only category that they don’t have right now is TV, and Ausiello is the perfect choice.

Michael Ausiello joined Entertainment Weekly over 2 years ago after leaving TV Guide, and became the “TV Guy” over at EW with the latest spoilers and scoop on pretty much every popular TV show out there. Ausiello quickly went to the top over at EW as one of the most popular columnists and reporters, tweeting breaking TV news as it happened.

I’m glad that Michael is going to have his own site, but it’s still a huge loss to Entertainment Weekly as he’s the guy who probably led to a significant amount of EW.com’s page views.

He’s not leaving right away though, so it’ll be a smooth transition, and he’ll be keeping us posted on TV news for the coming weeks.

He had this to say about leaving the job: “There’s nothing more terrifying than walking away from the best job in the world at one of the best, most iconic, pop-culture brands in the world—Except maybe the words “Twenty-four hour ‘Til Death marathon.”

Classic Ausiello.


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