CNN’s Only Hope: Parker Spitzer


Oh CNN, you’re a mess.

After years of low ratings and many predicting that CNN might not survive this decade, they’re hoping to change that around tonight with a brand new show that will hopefully be a good lead-in for Larry King (and Piers Morgan later this year) and then over to Anderson Cooper in their new lineup.

The show will have 2 hosts, Republican columnist Kathleen Parker, and Democrat and former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. CNN is of course still trying to stay non-partisan, so that’s why they chose to have both sides and perhaps fight on the air to get those much needed ratings.

If you don’t remember the name Eliot Spitzer, he’s mostly known for hooking up with a call girl named Ashley Dupree back in 2007, in which the media had a field day with. He resigned as New York Governor as a result of the scandal, but he’s definitely recovered from the embarrassment, and definitely gaining my respect. This guys smart, respectful, and remorseful for what he did. He’s been doing great things even though he’s not in office, and he deserves this show. Parker also is very smart, being on both Fox News and MSNBC before getting this permanent gig, and isn’t afraid to tell her conservative point of view. Does anyone smell that? It smell like…..Crossfire! Yes, CNN is obviously trying to recreate that show with a modern twist and and that roundtable format with multiple points of view, and it might work for them. It let’s them be opinionated, without other calling them opinionated, if that makes sense.

Whether the show will actually do well, especially a network like CNN, is anyones guess.


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