Friday Night Lights Season 5 Promo


I’m showing it here a bit late, but I’ll promote Friday Night Lights with any chance I get.

DirecTV has released the teaser trailer of the dramitically changed (compared to season 1) cast of Friday Night Lights. It plays music by the Black Keys, and the whole video is played in slow motion.

It starts with Tami strapping on her heels and Coach Taylor pushing her towards him as they walk somewhere, then switches to Luke putting a shirt on, then quickly switching to Julie putting on some makeup in the car, and Tami waves her hand over telling her to come over. A car passes by and Becky is seen walking in a pink dress, and the camera pans out to Luke adjusting his collar. The next scene shows Vince stepping out of a car, then it returns back to Coach Taylor and Tami holding hands, as Tami proceeds to hold Becky’s. The video then shifts to Jess from the bottom-up showing her cowboy boots and going up to show her smokin’ hot body wearing a great silver dress. Vince and Luke are staring in amazement at Jess, then they both walk together, then we see that all of the castmembers are all walking together towards something, turns out they’re approaching the camera. Here’s the video:

Then we see some of the cast sitting up and some sitting down in a very vintage yet modern style, with old sofas and a beautiful horizon. Some notable members missing are Tim, Landry, and Matt, and if you saw season 4, you know why they’re not here this year.

I cant wait until the premiere! Dont miss the final season of Friday Night Lights on October 27th on DirecTV’s 101 Network.

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