ABC Family Removes ‘Friday Night Lights’ From Schedule


This pisses me off so badly.

ABC Family officially canceled the syndication of Friday Night Lights just as it was getting better than it already was. The syndication started in September on the channel, which bought the TV rights to the show. ABC Family aired the show daily on weekdays for a good month until they decided to move it to 11AM on weekdays starting October 11th (last week!) now just after just a week from being switched to it’s new time slot, ABC is pulling off the show entirely from it’s schedule and replacing FNL with repeats of Gilmore Girls at 11 and My Wife and Kids at 6.

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello contacted ABC Family for comment, were’s what he wrote on what a what they said:

“As of today, Monday, Oct. 18, FNL is no longer on ABC Family’s schedule,” says a network spokesperson. “It wasn’t performing from a ratings standpoint. We moved it around the schedule, but unfortunately it wasn’t holding up.”

This has to be the worst thing ABC Family has done. They are truly stupid for removing a quality show like Friday Night Lights and keeping their poorly acted trash such as like Secret Life of the American Teenager. Yeah, I said it. That piece of shit show is so ridiculous that it gets mocked and replayed on E!’s The Soup, which by the way is a much better show.

I’m not going to let this one go, and until they put it back, I will never watch ABC Family again.


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