Fun In D.C.

I had an amazing day in the nation’s capital 2 days ago, and I’ve just gotten around to a real computer to upload the pics. Like I mentioned on twitter, I haven’t gotten around a desktop computer in days and my poor old iPhone cant handle all of the photos that I want to share with you today.


The ride to D.C. was dreadful, it was a hot, cramped, loud school bus and it was an unbearable 3 hour ride. I got to the Capital, and immediately went to the Holocaust Museum. I didn’t take any photos because photography wasn’t allowed. After the museum, I went up to the Washington Monument. Man was it beautiful. I was completely surrounded by American flags. A full 360 of flags were around the monument. I took multiple pics of the monument, with and without me, along with pics of the Lincoln Memorial and a very far away pic of the White House (My first time seeing it in person!) So take a look at those 19 great pics above, including me, some D.C. landmarks, and some troops that I was very lucky to capture in some amazing images.


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