Lauer/Bush: 43rd President’s First Interview Since Leaving Office


Former President George W. Bush sat down for his first interview since leaving office last night with NBC’s Matt Lauer in a primetime special called Decision Points: A Conversation With George W. Bush, and it was very interesting.

President Bush spoke about a range of topics from his drinking years to 9/11 to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spoke frankly about his teen years when his mother had a miscarriage and brought the fetus in a jar to show it to him. He said that it helped shape his “philosophy” about life and how he became a “Pro-life President”. He also spoke about waterboarding, saying that he wasn’t a professional in that category so he just took advice from lawyers who said it wasn’t an illegal strategy. I just have to say that that is a very dumb thing to do. To do what isn’t illegal doesn’t mean its right. He said that he would do it again if he had a do-over. Another thing was “Mission Accomplished”. When the conversation turned to that topic, he said that it was a huge mistake (as it was) and when asked what he wouldve said, he just said “Good job, I don’t know something like that.” That was the moment where I laughed because it really shows how much of an idiot he is in some respects. He can be very smart and intriguing, but he just doesn’t know how to work a room (or in this case, an interview).

A moment that will definitely be remembered is when President Bush was asked about a comment that Kanye West made during an NBC telethon for Katrina Victims back in 2005. During the telethon, Kanye said, “Bush doesn’t care about black people”. President Bush took deep offense to that, saying ” It’s one thing to say, you know, I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business, it’s another thing to say this man’s a racist. I resent it, it’s not true, and it was one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency”. I bet President Bush was popping champaign bottles when the Kanye/Taylor Swift incident happened.

There were many other topics that he talked about, (9/11, Katrina, the financial crisis, Scooter Libby, Vice President Cheney, and more) and if you missed the interview, MSNBC will re-air the interview in a date that is still to be announced. President will be making a stop on Oprah today, so check your local listings for that interview. Also, President Bush will be on the Today show for his first LIVE interview since leaving office tomorrow morning.


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