Rihanna – Loud Album Review


When I reviewed Katy Perry’s album, Teenage Dream, I truly believed it was the best pop album of the year. It had amazing beats, catchy songs, and Perry’s incredible voice. From what I know, Katy and Rihanna are great friends, so how come Rihanna didn’t give Katy some pointers on her album? Because LOUD simply blows it out of the water.

I loved Rated R, but I also believed that it was somewhat of a disappointment because that wasn’t Rihanna’s true tone. She was obviously distraught, with all of her songs except Rude Boy and Rockstar 101 being hardcore sorrow. Thankfully, it was just a phase and Rihanna is back and truly better than ever with one of the greatest pop records of the 2000s (and I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

LOUD is everything that Rihanna is: Catchy (her name) Hardcore (her hairstyles) and Sexy (her body!) Another mistake I made with Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream is that I said every song on the album could be a single, and I was wrong (Hummingbird Heartbeat is eh,) but LOUD is a hit-maker’s dream come true, with all of the songs having the it-factor in their own special way.

You’d be crazy not to get this album, because it’s one of the greatest pop albums of the 21st Century so far (and this time I mean it.)

I’m also sorry for over-rating my reviews. I have a tendency of giving album ratings that are too high. I will rate in an appropriate way from now on. Here are updated ratings for my album reviews: Drake – Thank Me Later: A-, Katy Perry – Teenage Dream: B+, Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops and Hooligans: A-

I wouldn’t pick another pop album to deserve my real first perfect grade.

Grade: A+

Songs to download:

What’s My Name (featuring Drake)
Cheers (Drink to That)
Only Girl (In the World)
Love the Way You Lie Part II (Featuring Eminem)

LOUD will be in stores and on iTunes this Tuesday, November 16. Pre-order now!


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