The Event Fall Finale: Very Disappointed


I was very pumped to watch last nights episode of The Event. I was expecting many questions to be answered, which there were, but not many. Its safe to say that The Event’s fall finale was a huge disappointment.  It pains me to type this, but its the truth. I had very high hopes for this show after its very promising pilot, but last night was the worst episode of the season, and that says a lot for a show that is supposedly saving everything for last.

One thing that I found very nerve-wracking was lack of development in the President Martinez/Vice President Jarvis story. What happened? Nothing! The President went to see the VP immediately at the hospital and the Veep told Martinez that he’s suffered memory loss. Really? I didn’t stop watching because I expected something more deeper into the episode, but that was it. I was deeply disappointed that after Jarvis’ talk to the President on the previous episode, (before last night’s finale) nothing further happened with such a possible gateway for answers, which last nights episode of The Event lacked of more than ever.

Over with the E.B.E’s where Thomas and his girlfriend Isobel have a grand scheme to shoot out a rocket, which was initially thought to hit the U.S, but instead goes out to space and opens up all technologically and tries to communicate to their distant planet. President Martinez tries to stop the rocket from launching throughout the episode, but then finds out that Thomas was behind it and was trying to communicate with his people back home. Sohia is seen very little throughout the episode, which is a disappointment, because she is very good at was she does, being innocent and creepy at the same time. For a hyped fall finale, this was also disappointment, because it turned out to be a rocket launch and nothing further. Why did they have to extend this throughout the entire episode? That’s beyond me.

Another disappointing development was with Sean and Leila. They kept slowly getting closer, only to find that Samantha and the people that kept have kidnapped her already left the location. They find some partially burnt documents on the floor where they find files of many E.B.E’s. Their faces look exactly the same over the years (as usual for them) and then they come across a folder that had Leila’s fathers name on it (Michael Buchanan). They look at the photos and realize that Leila’s father is one of them. Leila acts stupid and says that it can’t be, but let’s face it, if a plane can disappear out of thin air, anything can happen. I hate that Leila is still not believing in the E.B.E’s even though the evidence is right in her face! She’s been told of it before (by that crazy investigative reporter) and crazy enough things have happened to her to know that something is out of the ordinary.

To conclude the post, I can’t even express how disappointed I was by the fall finale, considering I won’t be seeing it for 3 months. Its very possible that I will find another show at the 9 PM Monday slot by then. I’m sad because this was my first major serialized drama that I was very into, it shouldn’t have ended like this.

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