Men of A Certain Age Returns Tonight


After a super-long break, (10 months!) the TNT drama is back and I can’t wait! After a stellar debut last December (5.4 Million viewers) and universal acclaim by critics, the series said strong during it’s first season, and TNT quickly renewed the series for a second season. For those who haven’t seen the show, here’s a little synopsis: 3 Men are struggling with middle age in their special circumstances; one being an owner of a party shop, another running a Chevy dealership with his father, and another is a freelance actor getting any gig that comes his way. They are also friends with each other, meeting at bars and diners almost constantly talking about their moments. It’s truly something to watch. Ray Romano is one of the stars of the show playing Joe Tranelli, the party shop owner, who also has 2 kids that he got custody from after a divorce from his wife, does an amazing performance showing his struggles with being in his fifties. Andre Braugher plays Owen Thoreau, Jr., a middle aged guy who helps his father run a car dealership in town, and is also dealing with the struggles of middle age and constant competitors that try to win over his dad to try to get the top job one day. Scott Bakula plays Terry Elliot, an actor who plays roles in commercials and recurring roles on small shows and soaps. He is more of a ladies man, as he gets women much younger than him but also deals with the slowing down of his body as he is becoming more middle-aged. I can’t say enough good things about this show, because it’s just fantastic. Season 2 starts off with Joe gearing up for golf season, and Owen starts to have second thoughts about him hiring Terry at the dealership. This should be good. Also, if you think it’s all drama, it’s really not. There are some hilarious moments where the guys talk about having sex, or odd moments at work, so you get the best of both. Make sure you watch Men of A Certain Age tonight at 10, right after an equally great show starring the now Emmy-Award winning Kyra Sedgwick (It’s about time) on the return of The Closer at 9 on TNT.

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