TNT’s The Closer Will End in 2011


TNT’s super-smash hit The Closer, now in it’s sixth season, has been renewed for one more season. The final season will begin in 2011 and it was decided by the star of the show, Kyra Sedgwick.

In a press release by TNT, she states “It’s impossible to fully express our appreciation to Kyra Sedgwick, series creator James Duff and all of the other talented people who brought The Closer to TNT viewers,” said Steve Koonin, President of Turner Entertainment Networks.

The Closer is the highest rated cable series in cable television history. It launched in 2004 to historic ratings for TNT and for basic cable, and has stayed at number one ever since.

Kyra Sedgwick won the Emmy for Outstanding Actress during this year’s Emmys (greatly deserved, and long overdue!) and just after her Emmy win, she’s ending her show. Now it might be that she was in it for the Emmy, but I doubt it was just that. If anything, that might have been her main purpose at first, but she rally grew with the cast and crew, and she really loved the show. Almost all TV shows have contracts for 7 years to stay with the show if it constantly gets renewed; Sedgwick presumedly had that contract, and is also ready to end the show. TNT also says that by the end of the final season, The Closer will reach the 100-episode milestone, making it eligible for full syndication (which it’s already in).


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