The CW Moves Hellcats to A New Night


There are lots of news coming out today from The CW. They have now decided to move their freshman drama Hellcats (which has performed very well in the ratings for CW) to Tuesdays at 9 and adding a reality show in Hellcats’ old spot, making Wednesday an all-reality block for the network. Shredding for the Wedding will be the reality show that will occupy the 9 PM hour on Wednesdays. The 9 PM Tuesday hour is currently occupied by Life Unexpected, the ratings-challenged drama didn’t get a back 9 order, pretty much giving it a death sentence. I’ve said it from the start: Life Unexpected would not survive this season, and I don’t want to be mean, but I told you so! Life Unexpected is going to air it’s season (cough—series) finale on January 18th at 9. Also, The CW released their Midseason schedule today, so we have return dates! 90210 and Gossip Girl return with new episodes Monday, January 24. One Tree Hill returns January 25th at 8 and Hellcats returns to it’s new night at 9. On Thursday, January 27th, The Vampire Diaries and Nikita return with brand new episodes. Smallville and Supernatural return on Friday in their respective 8 & 9 PM slots. Then almost a month after all of those returns, America’s Next Top Model starts a new cycle and Shredding for the Wedding premieres on Wednesday, February 26th. Stay tuned for schedules from NBC, including the long awaited return of Parks and Recreation!

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