Jersey Shore Season 3 Premieres TONIGHT!


Yes, it’s that time of year again. Jersey Shore is back! With the official exit of Angelina and the introduction of newcomer Deena, this could be the best season to date for the show. Even though Angelina was a great source for drama on the show, it also seems like Deena’s going to have enemies as well on the show from the looks of the previews MTV has been showing. On one of the sneak peek clips, Deena is seen trying to snuggle with Mike (The Situation) and Sammi begins to laugh at how Deena is asking Mike to snuggle with her. Deena isn’t amused, and tells her that she now has a problem with her, just like everyone else in the house. She then goes downstairs and calls Sammi a word that I won’t repeat here, but definitely surprised everyone that heard it in the house, including Sammi. Deena goes on and calls her tons of names, and Sammi hears all of it. Vinny says that Deena hasn’t even been in the house for 5 hours, so I’m assuming that this clip will air on the premiere episode, which is tonight!

I can’t wait to watch tonight, and so should you! Jersey Shore Season 3 premieres tonight at 10 on MTV. Get ready for the drama and the huge ratings that it should get tonight!


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