Live To Dance: Was It Good? YES


When Paula Abdul didn’t reach an agreement with FOX, many were shocked and believed that it was a death sentence for Paula’s career. Paula didn’t see it that way, and quickly shopped around a new reality competition series and landed on the country’s highest rated network, CBS. Paula has been working very hard all last summer and this fall watching tons of auditions and taping this new show. It finally premiered last night, and Live to Dance was very, very good. I thought there was going to be a problem with the show in terms of originality. I mean, there is a reality competition series called “So You Think You Can Dance” which finds out who the best dancer in the country is. Live To Dance pretty much does the same, but instead of a dancer, they pick any dance act, so more than one person can be part of a group. Just off the first episode, the dancers are much better on Live to Dance than SYTYCD. They also follow a different judging system than SYTYCD, with their decision being cast by a star immediately after the performance, and then they give their words of wisdom to the contestants. The judges don’t sugarcoat too much, and Paula is just Paula, doing that signature clap with the center of her palm. The show started with a nine year old boy who break dances as if he’s danced for over a decade. He did headspins, flips, and twists, and for his age, it was pretty incredible. All 3 of the judges loved it, and all gave him a golden star.

I’m not the only person who dogged this show. On the Entertainment Weekly website, critic and TV editor Ken Tucker gave a pretty bad review of the show, saying that it was “disappointing” and called the rollout of contestants “wearisome.” Soon enough, EW readers seem to go on a revolt against Tucker, with hundreds of comments saying that Tucker was wrong, and that the show is very good. AJ wrote, “I cannot believe how much the writer of this article hated the show. At first it was kind of cheesy, and Paula is still Paula. But then, it got good, and then really, really good! At one point I was in tears! I am hooked.” this was one of the many comments of people questioning Tuckers expertise in the reality competition category of television, with many asking if they were watching the same show, because they had a completely opposite opinion.

If you haven’t seen it, I would definitely recommend it. It’s fun, creative, and inspiring. It’s what Idol was back in the day, expect the singers have been switched to dancers. Make sure you watch Live To Dance tonight where the dancers already compete against each other (wow, so quickly?!) tonight at 8 on CBS.


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