Jersey Shore Ratings MASSIVE


Jersey Shore is now officially the highest rated non-competition reality series in television history.

The Season 3 premiere of MTV’s highly popular series attracted over 8.4 million viewers last night, making it the highest rated telecast in MTV history. Out of those 8.4 million, 6.3 million were ages 12-34, which is one of MTV’s target demographics and the biggest number in that demographic this season in all of television: broadcast or cable.

We still don’t have 18-49 ratings, but with that massive number of 12-34 viewers, I’m not surprised if it would get a 4.5 rating or higher, and that would be HUGE for cable. If that’s not enough, it’s only the first episode, and if this season is as action packed as MTV promises, this could be small compared to future episodes. Also, for people who were wondering if the show is going back to
Miami, good news! Season 4 will be back in South Beach, which will presumably air in the summer, and a reality show featuring Pauly D is in the works.

The executives over at MTV must be acting like the Jersey Shore cast right now: Drunk and Partying!

UPDATE: Last night’s episode got a 4.2 Adults 18-49 rating last night.

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