Introducing The Most Wanted List: A New Weekly Feature!


I’ve waited to do some fun things to the site other than making posts, and now I am!

Starting today, I will be posting a weekly feature on the blog called The Most Wanted List. It’s a idea I’ve been thinking about for a while and I finally think it’s good enough to introduce to the world. It’s a list where I rank the top 5 things to look out for this week. It could be about anything; from a film release, to a person or product that I like for the week (A product will top my our list this week!) and it will of course put what’s best at #1, but even the #5 pick is something huge. So without any more interruptions, here’s the list!

1. Verizon iPhone

It’s been long overdue and long awaited for, but it’s (almost) here! The only thing that is almost as exciting is that Steve Jobs is expected to be at the event. Think about it: Steve Jobs in New York City! I can’t wait!

2. The Social Network on DVD

A film that could be a game-changer in terms of screenwriting, The Social Network on DVD and Blu-Ray is a movie that I want to buy, and I never buy DVD’s. I’m starting to save money to get the movie as we speak. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, and is expected to take over the Oscars just like The Hurt Locker did last year which is to say, huge.

3. Comedy Central’s Tosh.0

If there’s a show that makes me laugh so uncontrollably that I sometimes choke, it’s this show. It’s so vulgar and hilarious, I can’t even recite jokes from the show because it’s mentally disturbing. Nonetheless, this is one of those shows that you must see because it will make you realize that there are basically no limits on television. Season 3 of Tosh.0 will premiere tomorrow, Tuesday, January 11 at 10 on Comedy Central.

4. FX’s Lights Out

It’s already being called the TV version of Rockie, but better. A story about redemption from a broke retired boxer trying to make ends meet by returning to the ring, and critics are in love with this show. Make sure you watch this show, it’s one you don’t want to miss. The only problem is that it’s in Southland’s time slot! Lights Out premieres this Tuesday at 10 on FX. 

5. MTV’s The Seven

Ina world full of countdown-styled shows, The Seven does it best. Two very friendly co-hosts (Kevin Manno and Julie Alexandria) and seven very interesting pop-culture stories every weekday in a very quick half hour makes it so great to watch. They also introduced a gorgeous studio today for the new year, and have a much larger studio audience. This is one news show you’ll want to watch.

So that’s it for now! Stay tuned next week for the next 5 things you’ll most want to look out for on the Most Wanted List!



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