HUGE Shakeup for Law & Order Los Angeles


A huge shakeup is coming to NBC’s law & Order Los Angeles with almost half of the cast being removed from the show. Creator and Executive Producer Dick Wolf has announced that 3 major characters of the show are not returning to the show. Regina Hall and Megan Boone will stop being on the show after a couple of episodes which will air soon in the Midseason. An even bigger announcement with the cast is that one of the showrunners have been removed from the show. Skeet Ulrich, who plays Rex Winters on the show, is being removed. And Alfred Molina’s character will take his place, and will be partnered with Terrence Howard, who will now be in every episode. When asked about the dramatic change at such an early start, Dick Wolf said this about the switching between Ulrich and Howard, “We have the fortune of two world-class actors…and it was frustrating to have one on the bench each week. It would be like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as your quarterbacks, playing alternate games.” Rex Winters will have his final appearance in episode 14; 8 episodes have already aired. In my opinion, this is a great change to the show. The removal of characters is unfortunate, but the switching of characters every episode was very confusing and it becomes harder to like the characters I don’t understand why they got rid of both Regina and Megan, but I’m sure at least 1 more female will join the cast to fill their void. Law & Order Los Angeles will return next week at it’s new time, Tuesdays at 10 on NBC.

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