MASSIVE…AGAIN! Jersey Shore Sets Records Week-to-Week


It seems like the sky is the limit for MTV’s Jersey Shore.

For the second week in a row, ‘Jersey Shore’ has broken the record for the highest rated telecast in MTV history. The show got nearly 8.6 million viewers last night, thats up from its 8.4 million strong season debut last week. It also got a 4.4 Adults 18-49, which out-rated ABC’s smash hit Grey’s Anatomy (4.4 vs 4.3).

Last time I wrote a blog post about Jersey Shore’s massive ratings was exactly one week from today when it set the original record in its season premiere. In that blog post I said, “it’s only the first episode, and if this season is as action packed as MTV promises, this could be small compared to future episodes.” They’ve accomplished that within the next episode.

It’s pretty astonishing what this show has become. At first it was a controversy, then a joke, now it’s what everyone is talking about—and not in a bad way. Also, in order to lure viewers into watching it’s new series ‘Skins’, MTV is airing a “special” episode of Jersey Shore this Monday at 9 as a super strong lead-in for the series premiere of Skins which will debut right after at 10. Again, the people at MTV must be going crazy right about now.

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