Golden Globes TONIGHT! What Should You Expect?


Today is Golden Globes day! It’s been a long time coming, but tonight is the night. I like the Golden Globes, but I can’t take it as seriously as I would with the Emmys or the Oscars (which is next month!) As I tweeted when the nominations were announced, I thought it was ridiculous that they nominated ‘The Tourist’ for Best Comedy/Musical Picture! What the hell was the Hollywood Foreign Press smoking?! Fortunately, ‘The Tourist’ didn’t get many nominations. Instead, the most nominations went to Colin Firth’s monarchy drama, ‘The King’s Speech’, with 7 nominations, and The Social Network comes close behind with 6 nods. I’m rooting for The Social Network to win Best Drama, and Toy Story 3 to win for Best Animated Feature.

On the television side, the Golden Globes should take the same route as the Emmys did, deservedly awarding Best Drama and Comedy Series to Mad Men and Modern Family respectively. In the actors and actresses category for television is up in the air for me. Kyra Sedgwick’s win at the Emmys was a great surprise, but I’m just not sure if the Hollywood Foreign Press will be willing to give her that award. Also, expect The Pacific to win for best TV miniseries.

I’ll have live results on my twitter account (@JuniorTV) and I’ll have a results post tomorrow. Make sure you tune in tonight to watch the 67th annual Golden Globes tonight with host Ricky Gervais on NBC.

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