The Most Wanted List: Parks and Recreation FTW!


1. Parks and Recreation

YES! IT’S FINALLY BACK! After over 8 months, NBC’s funniest show returns with the gang working hard to bring the destroyed government of Pawnee back from the ground. The season 3 premiere is titled, “Go big or go home.” I have a feeling that it’s going to be very, very big. Parks and Rec Season 3 premieres this Thursday at 9 on NBC.

2. MTV’s Big Night (Jersey Shore & Skins)

With a lead-in as big as Jersey Shore, Skins should definitely bring big numbers in it’s series premiere. Even though it’s been said that it’s not as good as the UK version, the domestic version will captivate millions of American teens tonight. A special Jersey Shore airs today at 9 and the series premiere of Skins airs at 10 on MTV.

3. CBS’ Blue Bloods

CBS’ freshman hit is back for new episodes on it’s new night, Wednesdays at 10, and if it averages 12 million viewers on FRIDAY nights, I can’t even imagine how much it will get on a night as big as Wednesday nights. Tom Selleck’s performance is incredible (and Emmy worthy) and it’s finally going to get the recognition it deserves.

4. CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight

Americans love a person who sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, and Piers Morgan has that. His unwillingness to back down and his willingness to speak his mind proves what I’ve been thought for a long time: British People are loved by Americans. Piers’ run on CNN begins tonight at 9.

5. David Guetta & Rihanna’s “Who’s that Chick”

If you want a true party song, look no further. European hit-maker DJ David Guetta and Rihanna have teamed up to come up with a super-catchy record that has an electropop tune which will have you dancing from beginning to end. I’ve heard this song five tines back-to-back, and I’m just about to repeat it again. You can grab the song on iTunes right now.

That’s a wrap for this week! Stay tuned next Monday for a fresh new Most Wanted List! 


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