FCC Approves Comcast/NBC Deal


After almost 2 years since Comcast announced that they were going to purchase NBC Universal, the Federal Communications Committee finally approved the measure today with a vote of 4-1, completing the purchase, and officially making NBC Universal part of Comcast Corporation.

Senior Democratic Commissioner Michael J. Copps was the only person to vote against the purchase, saying that many innovative technologies with video providers would be slowed down if both companies merged. Even though everyone agreed with what Copps said, they also set tons of restrictions and conditions to the deal that would make it more fair to all parties. One of the conditions was that Comcast had to set a steady price of $49.99 for all new customers getting Internet service with the company.

The deal was supposed to end by the end of last year, but some late complications delayed the deal past 2010 and set the vote for today, which was ultimately passed.

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