American Idol Returns


America’s highest rated show returns with a big change in judges. As you’ve already heard, Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kara Dioguardi have left the show since last season ended. Simon announced before the last season began that he was leaving the show to work on the American version of the British competition series, The X Factor. Ellen Degeneres left just after one season, saying that it just didn’t feel right and that it was taking up too much of her time; Degeneres also had to host her own talk show as well while she was on the show. Kara Dioguardi was let go of her contract, since producers wanted a big overhaul of the judges. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have joined the crew and Randy Jackson is returning, becoming the final original judge to still remain on the show.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning, Jennifer Lopez said that she is having a lot of fun on the show and that Steven Tyler is a very emotional person. She also mentioned that he has cried a few times on the show while watching auditions. Lopez also said that it was hard for her at first to be honest and tough on people who were bad singers, but she says that she has overcome that.

American Idol should top the ratings tonight, beating out every single show in total viewers and edging out some shows (Modern Family) in specific demographics. Of course, the show begins with auditions, and its going to start off in New Jersey (just off of that, you should watch! I’m sure there will be some crazy people out there!) Make sure you tune into American Idol tonight; its 2 hour premiere begins at 8 PM on FOX.


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