Parks and Recreation RETURNS!!!


I’ve been waiting so long for this day. A day that will have a perfect primetime night. A day that will be filled with tons of laughs, and that’s the day that, Parks and Recreation returns: and that’s TONIGHT! Its been over 8 months since I last saw a new episode of this masterpiece of a comedy, and the wait has been dreadful at the least. I’ve been anxiously and ardently thinking about how the show is going to pick up from where it left off, and if its going to retain or even improve its already hilarious writing. It seems like any concerns that I’ve had should go away by tonight, as the reviews for the upcoming season are fantastic.

Tim Goodman from The Hollywood Reporter calls Parks and Rec, “the best comeback story on television and a top-tier comedy.” He also said that the show has “Nuanced characters, superb writing and a willingness to be different in its premise from other formulas” and that there are “excellent episodes in store.” Verne Gay from Newsday said “The cast is phenomenal, the writing inventive and genuinely funny, and you could pick just about any character–Andy or Ann, or Ron or Tom (Aziz Ansari) and almost mistake them for the show lead instead of Poehler.” Alan Sepinwall from Hitfix called Parks and “TV’s best comedy” and that “does all the things “The Office” did so spectacularly back when we all first fell for “The Office.”

I could go on and on with critical raves for this show, but this post would be as long as a dictionary. I’m being very serious when I say that this is a show that could set the standard for comedy shows in television and film. Amy Poehler has been deserving of the Emmy for years, but she might finally get it this year for the upcoming season. I truly can’t wait, and I hope you all watch, even if it’s for the first time. It may be confusing at first, but trust me: this show will grow on you. Please, please, please watch tonights Season 3 premiere of Parks and Recreation! It airs at 9:30 PM (right after The Office) tonight on NBC.

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