Sad Day In Television: Medium Ends TONIGHT


After over 7 seasons and even winning an Emmy for Patricia Arquette’s performance, Medium is ending tonight on CBS.

The supernatural thriller starring Patricia Arquette was one of the biggest new shows of the 2005 television season, with the first episode getting over 16 million viewers, and staying above 13 million for the entire first season. The show dropped in the second season but gained momentum again in the fourth. The fifth season of the show was lower, but definitely not for NBC’s standards, which became a fourth place network at the time.

CBS also thought that the cancellation was uncalled for, and picked up the series to air on it’s network, effectively saving the show. The show performed great on Fridays, its CBS timeslot, and was renewed for a 21 episode seventh season. When that seventh season premiered, the numbers were lower from from seasons past, and CBS cut the episode order from 22 episodes to 13 episodes. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly about a week after CBS’ episode cut, Patricia Arquette simply said, “We got canceled,” and that pinned the nails to the coffin. CBS announced days later that the show would end; and show creator Glenn Gordon Caron said this via Facebook, “It’s true. Allison Dubois will dream her last dream on Medium Friday, January 21st. In what we believe will be a series defining episode, Allison and her family will stare destiny in the eye. And destiny will not blink.”

January 21st as you know, is today. And tonight, according to the creator, will not disappoint and will give the show a proper ending, which is hard to find these days in television. I’ve been watching this show for the last 2 years and I quickly got sucked in. This show is nothing short of incredible, leaving me at the edge of my seat everytime and sometimes a bit emotional. The writing is fantastic, the filming is great, and even though it’s about a woman that dreams about things that turn out to be real, it’s pretty damn realistic! Tonight will be a very sad night for television, but Medium should be celebrated not as a casualty, but a triumph in television. And tonights finale should let Medium go out with a bang. So set an alert on your phone, auto-tune it, and in worse case scenario, DVR it. You cannot miss the series finale of Medium tonight at 8 on CBS.

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