Most Wanted List: Oscar Nominations!


A new week, a new list, and it’s the hardest one yet. I spent a lot of time deciding who should grab the #1 spot, and at the end, entertainment won. Here’s this weeks Most Wanted List:

1. Oscar Nominations

The Golden Globes are just to have fun, the SAGs are good too, but the Academy rules, and tomorrow is the big day to see who got the deserving nominations and who got the undeserved snub. Expect to see [my all-time favorite] The Social Network to get a ton of nominations and Toy Story 3 to get a nod for Best Picture, which would be the first time that an animated film has gotten a Best Picture nomination two years in a row. You’ll have to wake up a bit early, the nominations will be announced at 8:38 A.M (EST) sharp.

2. The Vampire Diaries

The most underrated show on television returns on Wednesday, with major questions being answered in it’s first episode of 2011. **SPOILER ALERT** We will find out Rose’s fate by the end of this weeks episode, and we will see how Damon develops human feelings, which is a huge change from his original heartless character. The Vampire Diaries returns this Thursday at 8 EST on The CW.

3. 17th Annual SAG Awards

Even though it’s not the Oscars, these people know how to nominate! If you read the nominations, it’s like the Golden Globes, but better. They too nominate both television and film, and their nominations should look similar to what will be announced. Tomorrow morning. The Screen Actors Guild actually nominated movies that were good and for that, I thank you. The 17th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, airs this Sunday at 8 PM EST on TNT and TBS.

4.Oprah’s Big Secret

It’s already out, but people were speculating all weekend about it, and it’s probably going to be a topic of discussion all this week across all talk and news shows. Oprah has a half sister that she didn’t know until last October, and the secret was kept from her for over 40 years. In total, Oprah has 3 other half siblings, which means that Oprah’s mom had 4 separate babies with 4 separate men. This proves something about Oprah’s mother: She had a lot of action in her day.

5. Woot!

Everyone has one of those websites where you just type the address and look at the site, then quickly close; this is mine. Woot! as the first deal-per-day website and has been up since 2004. The website posts one great deal per day and everything is different, from vacuums to snuggies to something called dirt seasonings. Even though you will probably get one of their deals in a blue moon, it’s always interesting to see what they put up for the day.

That’s a wrap for this week! Stay tuned next Monday for a fresh new Most Wanted List!

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