Oscars: Who Got A Surprise Nod and Who Got Snubbed?


I’m glad that I have the same opinion as far as movies go with most of the people on twitter, because as I was watching the Oscar nominations, I noticed that Christopher Nolan did not receive a Best Director nomination for his work on Inception, which is insane if you’ve seen the movie. I tweeted the same opinion on twitter right after I heard the nominations, and I’ve noticed that I am not alone.

Within the hour of when the nominations where announced, Christopher Nolan was trending on twitter, with many of his fans also showing their anger towards the Academy for the amazing work of art that Nolan created. He stayed on the trending topics for a couple of more hours, but people are still talking about it as you can imagine.

A surprise nod at this mornings nominations ceremony was the Best Picture nomination given to Winter’s Bone. Most people thought that it was going to go to Ben Affleck’s crime thriller The Town, and that also got some people upset at the Academy. On the other hand, it was great news for the makers and fans of Winter’s Bone, which probably got the nomination by an edge.

Other than those 2 Snubs, nothing else was seen. It was still a huge mistake though for the Academy not giving Christopher Nolan a nomination, I think he had a good chance of winning, and was certain that he would’ve gotten a nomination. Still, it should be a great ceremony at the 83rd Academy Awards, airing Sunday, February 27th at 8 PM on ABC.

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