The Vampire Diaries: Meet Klaus!


It’s been a wild ride; but we now know who is going to play Klaus on The Vampire Diaries!

According to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, British actor Joseph Morgan is closing in a deal to get the part of the highly anticipated character. Klaus is the oldest living vampire in the world and is after Elena, who is the doppelgänger of Katherine, and is needed to break the curse of the sun hurting vampires and the moon turning werewolves. If he does indeed seal the deal to play the part, this would end a months-long search by the producers of The Vampire Diaries. Entertainment Weekly reported that about 100 actors were in the running and reading the script for the role of Klaus, but the producers wanted to cast an unknown.

Mission accomplished. Joseph Morgan is a complete unknown to America and has mostly been in film and television projects in Britain. In the book on which the television series is based on, Klaus is a character with electrifying blue eyes and short hair, which Morgan has. The producers of TVD have had a pretty good track record in casting, so I’m going to trust them on this one.

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