The Most Wanted List: Glee’s Thriller Super Bowl Episode!


1. Glee and It’s Super Bowl Episode

Fox took a good risk in placing an already successful show and placing it on the golden spot of the year, the spot right after the Super Bowl. Glee returns for the first time since winter break with CBS News Anchor and former Today host Katie Couric giving an interview to Sue Sylvester after Sue gets Katie’s attention by (SPOILER ALERT!) putting Brittany in a human cannon! Glee’s Super Bowl episode will also have the legendary performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” it will definitely make television history and I can’t wait!

2. Super Bowl XLV

The game itself may not be so enticing, but the commercials between the broadcast are solid, and that alone is good enough to tune in. Fox already sold all of the ad spots for the game and it reportedly costs $3 million for a 30 second spot. The team names are out there: Steelers/Packers – who will win? You’ll have to watch this Super Bowl Sunday.

3. The King’s Speech

I haven’t seen the film entirely, but the scenes that I have see have been absolutely fantastic, and I’m not surprised that it won for Best Picture at the SAG Awards. The box office numbers have been growing week-to-week (which is a rare trend) and it received the most Oscar nominations this year. The movie is now being considered a frontrunner in the Oscar race, and Colin Firth is being praised for the incredible performance of King George VI and is a frontrunner for the Best Actor. I cannot wait to finish this film.

4. Kid Cudi’s Exciting Announcement!

Kid Cudi is following Lil’ Wayne’s footsteps by announcing a rock album. It is going to be his first studio album after the Man on The Moon records that he has released, which shot him to superstardom. The rock album is going to be called Wizard and is expected to be released this Summer, and Cudi definitely has an advantage over Wayne: he has a way better voice. Let’s hope that the auto-tune is kept at a minimum or hopefully none.

5. Hailee Steinfeld

It’s rare to see young actresses get Oscar nominations, but this girl is 14! And she was 13 when shooting True Grit, becoming one of the youngest Oscar nominees ever. She started her career by getting the part in a Kmart commercial, now her performance in True Grit has been called one of the best supporting performances of the year, and she’s just getting started. She hasn’t gotten in any projects since True Grit, but after this Oscar nod, I think that’s going to change.

That’s a wrap! Make sure you come back next week for a freshly new Most Wanted List! By the way, I will be watching the rest of The Kings Speech, and will post my thoughts on my blog when I make my prediction post for the Oscars.

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