About Time! NBC Gives ‘The Event’ A Return Date


After it became known that it was going to premiere very late in the Midseason, NBC has finally given a return date to it’s struggling freshman drama, The Event. James Hibberd from Entertainment Weekly is reporting that The Event is returning on March 7th with a 2 hour premiere starting on a special time, 8 P.M. Chuck usually airs in that time slot, and will not air a new episode that Monday. The Event will be followed by NBC’s new hit show Harry’s Law at 10.

I wrote here a couple of months back at how disappointed I was at The Event’s fall finale, as the episodes before had much more suspense and drama than the finale. Hibberd also reported that The Event won’t end with a huge cliffhanger like the producers of V had announced this week. Producers of The Event said that it won’t give complete closure to the fans, but it won’t end with too much suspense. There’s also a good chance that we will find out what “The Event” is by the end of the season, which would give viewers the answer to that burning question that has been asked countless times.

Now the question will be asked is if the show will be as solid as it’s pilot or be even more disappointing than it’s fall finale? You’ll have to tune in on March 7th to find out.

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