Friday Night Lights Ends Its Run on DirecTV Tonight


There’s been a struggle with me this week. I’ve been contemplating if I should catch up on episodes leading up to the big finale of Friday Night Lights, but I’ve been too scared to catch up. I just don’t want this show to end.

But even though I don’t want this day to come, it has, and today is the day. Friday Night Lights ends it’s historic run tonight as one of the best dramas ever to air on television. I also put the series finale as one of my Most Wanted topics of the week, but I won’t be watching. After a lot of thought and consideration, I’ve decided to not watch the rest of the season and the finale of Friday Night Lights until NBC’s run of the show airs this summer. I decided to end watching the show exactly how I began watching it, which was in the summer. It gives it a much better feel when I watch the show (which is almost always sunny) in the warm weather. Also, there are many less programs in the summer, so FNL won’t interfere with any other programs. Another advantage is that by the time that the season ends, it will be time for the Emmys, and I hope and pray that FNL will get the recognition it deserves. So I WILL NOT tune in to the finale, so I am definitely going to avoid spoiler alerts.

Besides my personal FNL decision, the people who have DirecTV and have been viewing the entire season, you MUST WATCH TONIGHT! I truly don’t understand why someone who has been watching wouldn’t watch the finale, but it all comes down to this!

With five seasons and 76 episodes under it’s belt, it’s amazing that Friday Night Lights has stayed on for so long. It’s first season ratings weren’t good, but it got renewed because of the critical acclaim. NBC miraculously renewed it for second and third seasons. With the shows numbers not improving, the future of the show was in doubt. DirecTV to the rescue by coming up with a deal with NBC to keep the show on the air for two more seasons with DirecTV paying a lot of the production costs. That happened two years ago, and now the time has come.

Friday Night Lights has a gleam of light in the world of television when the quality of shows was degrading and was becoming the norm. It’s quickly risen to become one of the most critically acclaimed shows in television history, and will be remembered (at least by me) forever in television history. I’m glad that the show aired on NBC, because if the network wasn’t in fourth place, the show would’ve definitely been canceled in it’s first season. Even though I won’t say the true farewell until I watch it in the summer, this is a great tribute to one of the best shows ever.

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