Who Will Die in Tomorrow’s Shocking ‘Vampire Diaries’?


(First of all, I’d like to say it’s great to be back! Now, back to the story!)

After a very gripping scoop given by TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, I’ve been wondering who might be the next character to be killed off on The Vampire Diaries.

After a fan asked Ausiello on his column “Ask Ausiello” about some scoop on TVD, he said this: “Thursday’s episode is not to be missed. It boasts two deaths, one super-romantic Matt/Caroline scene, and — in the hour’s final minutes — a doozy of a twist.”

Damn! When I read that, my mind started spinning with thoughts regarding almost every part of that sentence. First, TWO DEATHS?! Who could it be? Second, a romantic scene with Matt and Caroline? What about Tyler?? And finally, “a doozy of a twist”?! What could it be? Will Elijah’s dagger be removed? Is someone going to be in huge danger? The suspense is killing me. I want it to be Thursday NOW.

What we do know is that Tyler left Mystic Falls and chances are, he won’t come back. TVD star Candice Accola is confirming the news along with TVLine, and the werewolf will be replaced by Matt who will once again have a more recurring storyline.

So all we know for sure is that Tyler isn’t coming back — but a very unresting thought is that the producers have said that no one is safe from being killed this season, and that applies to everyone, so anyone could be killed off tomorrow. It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but as Michael Ausiello mentioned, tomorrow’s episode “is not to be missed.”


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