Most Wanted List: Gaga’s 7 Minute Long Born This Way Music V


This week, many are having an Oscar hangover, which marked the end of the 2010 Awards Season, may it rest in peace. Now, to the list!

1. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Music Video Premiere

It’s finally here! The most anticipated music video of the year has arrived. It’s been #1 everywhere since it came out, and we’ll finally see what all the hype is about in what is sure to be a crazy and spectacular music video. I just saw it, and it was nothing but incredible. Let’s just wait for the rave reviews to pour in. It’s pure Gaga.

2. Apple’s (iPad 2) Event

After the release of it’s first revolutionary tablet device, which Oprah called the greatest “invention of the century so far,” Apple is rumored to release the second version of it’s massive hit device, the iPad. My fingers are tapping with excitement.

3. Oscar Fallout

OK, we got an overload of awards. Now, let it sink in.

4. Adele on Chelsea Lately

In what has become one of their best bookings this year, two-time Grammy Award winning British singer will make an appearance on Chelsea Lately tonight. Her new album has topped the charts in over 20 countries and will be the highest charting album of 2011 so far when SoundScan results come out this Wednesday. My two favorite people on one stage. I don’t know what to say completely, but it will start with hell and will end with yeah. Watch tonight at 11 P.M. on E!

5. AMC’s The Walking Dead Marathon and The Killing Preview

Have you missed The Walking Dead? Better yet, have you missed The Walking Dead? Well dread no more, well, at least for Friday only. AMC will air the entire first season of their most successful show ever, and it all starts at 8 P.M. Friday Night on AMC. Plus, at 12:45 A.M. EST, AMC will give an exclusive sneak peek at their newest project, The Killing.

That’s a wrap! Come back here new Monday for an all-new Most Wanted List!


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