No!!! Kim Kardashian’s Bad Debut Single


Today Kim Kardashian debuted her first single on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show in Los Angeles, and I’m speechless. And not in the good way. The song is just not…good.

For a debut single, and for someone who has been said of not being able to sing, I would’ve wanted a very clear sound of her voice, but the beats took over in the song. Either way, when I did hear her singing, it wasn’t good. It sounded very amateurish, with Kim saying the same sentence “they playin’ my jam” over and over and over again, which soon became annoying, then unbearable. Also, she uses a very amateurish tone when she says “they playin’ my jam”, which sounded similar to Paris Hilton. Then, she says “turn it up” about 10 times afterward.

You would think that that’s the worst part of the song, but you would be wrong. The lyrics to the song are just terrible. Here’s one of the many bad lines, “Girls in the building, fellas’ in the club/boys spendin’ money, the girls lookin’ good” Really?! A five year old can write a better lyrics, seriously. It gets even worse “Put my hands up, celebrate like it’s my birthday/ 5 more shots of tequila, I’m thirsty”! I’m laughing as I type this, it’s that funny-and bad!

I love Kim Kardashian, but singing is just not her thing, this song was all around bad. I’m not even going to give this song a grade, because I’m not counting it as a review. You’re welcome, Kim.


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