‘Chelsea Lately’ Spinoff ‘After Lately’ Premieres TONIGHT!


After over 3 years on the air, Chelsea Lately is ready for a spinoff, and it premieres tonight. After Lately is complicated in terms of what it exactly is. Its scripted, but it’s also ad-libbed, also, it’s based on true events that have happened in the offices of Chelsea Lately. It’s also a workplace comedy that has a bit of a mockumetary format, similar to NBC’s The Office. It’s a lot, right? I’ll just call it a comedy/reality hybrid. Chelsea had many misses in terms of television shows, with many of her past shows falling flat. That was until Chelsea Lately came around, that is. Since her hit late-night show premiered on E back in July of 2007, Chelsea has been on a roll, releasing several New York Times best-selling books and even being the host of last year’s VMAs. Her show has grown as well, becoming a staple of E! and late-night television, becoming the second woman to have a late-night show on American television, the first being Joan Rivers.

Early reviews of After Lately have been positive, with many saying that regular Chelsea Lately watchers will find the show hilarious, while others may be confused at first glance. If you don’t already know the plot, it’s about the staff of Chelsea Lately and all the “shenanigans” that happens before and after the show, and how the writers fight to gain Chelsea’s attention (in tonights episode, the staff will be sucking up to Chelsea so they can go vacation with her to Cabo). I haven’t seen the pilot, so I’m cautiously anxious to see how the show will play out, but I am excited. After Lately premieres tonight at 11 P.M. on E!

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