The Event Recap: It was OK, but Nowhere Near Great


I have mixed feelings about ‘The Event’, and I’ve made it well known that I do, and the main reason is because it could be so great, but it’s not.

I love the concept of it, and I love the intertwining of politics and drama, which is the first time I’ve seen that on network television since The West Wing (which also aired on NBC). The problem is that it isn’t enticing enough and it doesn’t tell the story in a way that will keep viewers at the edge of their seat. I did get hyped up on some moments (like the Senator from Alaska finding the true files on Inostranka), but I was mostly waiting between scenes that were way too long and had almost constant staring between characters. One thing that wasn’t seen at all during the return episodes were the disappearance of the flashbacks. Now, I thought the creators did it too often, but I don’t think they should’ve taken it away entirely. It works very well for some episodes on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, and it’s because the writers only do them every couple of episodes. The writers of ‘The Event’ should follow suit.

Also, for a two-hour return, the show barely gave away anything. They just retold us what was already revealed back in the fall. We know for sure that Michael is one of them (which we figured back in December) and that Thomas is pretty evil (which was known since he made his debut). One revelation was… wait, was there one? I’m trying to think of one and I can’t come up with anything! Everything we saw last night, which was a very slow 2 hours by the way, had no answers, which NBC has been promising in thier ads for the show. I’ll watch next week, but at this point, I’d rather watch an episode of ‘Skins’ than ‘The Event’.


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