Back to Jail for Richard Hatch


Richard Hatch will once again be deservedly kept from seeing the light of day. Hatch has been sentenced to 9 months in prison, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 49 year old reality star was the first winner of CBS’ smash hit ‘Survivor’ and can be currently seen on the fourth season of NBC’s ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’. Hatch has had legal problems ever since he received the $1 million grand prize from ‘Survivor’, and has been imprisoned before. In 2006, he was convicted on tax evasion charges and served 3 years in prison. In the two years that he’s been out of prison, he’s done some interviews and has participated in some shows, but still didn’t pay the money. After leaving prison in 2009, he began serving a three-year supervised-sentence. He was also ordered to re-file his 2000 and 2001 taxes and pay what he was supposed to pay back then (2000 was the year he won ‘Survivor and began to receive payments). That never happened. The District Court Judge who is handling the case has been especially tough on Hatch, since he always claims that he’s done nothing wrong. Prosecutors went for a 6-month sentence, but the judge added another 3 months on top of that, saying that the extra-long sentence would be “the only thing that will deter you [Hatch] in the future.” The Judge also said told Hatch these exact words, ” You can continue to proclaim your innocence. You don’t have the option of engaging in this type of game or negotiation with the court. It needs to be a severe punishment.” If you saw last Sunday’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, you probably hate him, and we would be on the same page. On Sunday’s premiere, Hatch was unbearably arrogant, with his leadership role for the men’s group giving him more of an ego. He even began to start pushing David Cassidy around in the first project of the new season. Cassidy eventually was fired in the first episode, but Hatch was called out by Donald Trump for being a bad leader for the entire group. I personally don’t like the guy. As I mentioned before, he’s very into himself and (may I say it?) he seems like “The Situation” of The Celebrity Apprentice, and that’s not a good thing.

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