Most Wanted List: It’s MTV Week!


This week’s list is especially busy, since a big show is ending and many are beginning. But try all seem to have something in common: They’re all on MTV. I’ve never dedicated the list to a network, so here’s to you, MTV. And for you readers, here’s the list:

1. Jersey Shore Season 3 Finale

It’s finally here. After a rollercoaster season of Grenades, Grenade Whistles, and constant Ronnie and Sammie breakups and makeups, Jersey Shore ends it’s historic third season, and it’ll end with the solidification of a couple(?) and the official breakup of a couple, according to TV Guide? Can you wait? Neither can I.

2. The Hard Times of RJ Berger Season 2 Premiere

Man, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed this show. Missing as in I tuned out on the second half of the first season. From what I’ve seen in the promos, RJ’s sex-obsessed love interest was killed last season, from anxiety after having sex with RJ. The second season will pick things up from there. Hard Times premieres Right after the season finale of Jersey Shore.

3. Skins Season Finale

The show has it’s critics, but it didn’t matter, because viewers bailed on the show by the end of the first episode. It’s truly sad, because with every passing episode after the first three, the show started to develop. You got used to the style of focusing on one character every episode, while also showing the rest of the cast in other short scenes during the episode. By the end, I could say I’m one of the few who have never missed an episode of the show, and I’m proud of it. Why didn’t it recover? Because teens are impatient. In tonight’s finale, Tony’s sister goes missing, and much suspense and drama occurs in the hour. Don’t miss tonight’s season finale of Skins, tonight at 10 on MTV.

4. The Real World: Las Vegas

I haven’t given The Real World a chance for about 5 years now, but I think that this could be it’s redemption season. It’s their craziest cast in years, and the ratings for the show are finally going up, which is the exact opposite of what’s been happening for the show in recent years. It’s no Jersey Shore, but it could be up there with other MTV reality hits like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. 5. Silent Library

MTV’s hilarious competition series returns for a fourth season and they’re coming back with a bang. Season 4 begins with the cast of Jersey Shore playing the game, and the gang gets in even more crazy and uncomfortable situations than they already do in Seaside. From what I’ve heard, Snooki licks a hairy back. Need I say more?

That’s a wrap! A great list this week, right? MTV’s really got it together these days, and they’re truly on a roll. Make sure you come back next Monday for an all-new Most Wanted List!

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