No Joke: The Soup Awards Airs TONIGHT on E!


After a year of many horrible TV shows, E!’s ‘The Soup’ is coming to the rescue to determine who’s the worst of the worst. ‘The Soup Awards’ airs tonight on E! and we’ll see the ultimate celebration of the worst in television; a bit ironic to celebrate this on April Fool’s Day, right? It seems as if the writers make categories as the year goes along, so I can’t really predict on any specific clip, but I’m sure hoping that Fantasia’s Aunt Bunny saying “Girl Please!” and Jackée Harry twisting her head by saying “Helllllllllllll No!” get something.

People that are slated at least make an appearance on the show will be ‘The Real Housewives’ NeNe Leakes, who should get an award for her rejection of arousal with sticky foods down under, as is RuPaul for his smacking of Drag Queens, and The Bachelor host Chris Harrison will be honored just because he’s put up with the ridiculousness of ‘The Bachelor’ all these years. One thing I’d like to be recognized are the hilarious clips from the duo that is Katie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show’s crazy fourth hour, which probably has had the most airtime on ‘The Soup’ this year.

Many celebrities will make their way to the set to get their nice metal can of soup from Joel McHale, and it’s probably the best hour of TV this week, and that’s no joke. Make sure to watch ‘The Soup Awards’ tonight at 10 (it’s an hour long!) on E!

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