Britney Spears is #1 with ‘Femme Fatale’


This comes as no surprise for anyone who pays attention to the music biz. Britney Spears’ ‘Femme Fatale is #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, making it her sixth #1 album.

‘Femme Fatale’ sold 276,000 copies in it’s first week, which is much lower than her last album ‘Circus’ did back in 2007 when that album sold an incredible 506,000 copies in it’s first week. ‘Femme Fatale’ wasn’t predicted to perform as high as ‘Circus,’ since ‘Circus’ was seen as a comeback album for Britney after her erratic behavior in the middle of the preceding decade. It is one of the lowest debuts of her career, but the entire music industry has been down sharply, even compared to 2007.

She is now currently tied at #3 with the most #1 albums by a female artist along with Mariah Carey. Madonna is second with 7 #1’s and Barbara Streisand is far along the pack with 9 #1 albums, still the most for a female artist. Her last #1 was in 2009.

Either way, Britney has a hit on her hands with the album, as it’s getting great reviews and already has a #1 single under its belt (Hold It Against Me) and her new single, ‘Till the World Ends’ just premiered its spectacular music video today.

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