It’s Finally Here: Khloé & Lamar Premieres TONIGHT on E!


It seems like an eternity since it’s announcement, or reports of it being picked up, but it’s finally here. E!’s Khloé & Lamar is premiering tonight at 10 on E! and it should be a fun premiere. Usually, the Kardashian season premieres aren’t explosive, but the shows does build up to something big by the end of their seasons. If you remember, the announcement of Khloé & Lamar was the final blog post of mine for 2010 in this very website. You can read the post here

As I mentioned in my last blog post of 2010, the show is going to follow their lives in a newlywed-ish format but at the same time, it will stay in the Kardashian roots by the crazy sexual and vulgar talk that the Kardashian sisters (especially Khloé) love to say. The promos for the show don’t give too much away, expect that Khloé says that you learn the craziest things about your spouse when you get married after just a month of knowing one another. They also showed some moments where Khloé isn’t happy and cries because she doesn’t like arguing with her husband, who if you haven’t already heard of, is NBA Lakers star Lamar Odom.

Make sure you give it a try. The series premiere of Khloé & Lamar premieres tonight at 10 on E!

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