Most Wanted List: The Beginning of the End for ‘Friday Night Lights’


This one’s a special one. The people of Dillon, Texas will get love once again, and it kills me to do this. Other things on the list this week include the final new show of the midseason, and for the first time, a book! And for your viewing, the list is below:

1. Friday Night Lights Final Season Premiere

Oh the horror, dread, sadness, unhappiness (I could go on all day) that I’ve had for this post, because honestly, I would like Friday Night Lights to run forever if possible. The only show that might do that is SNL and I’m not extremely excited about that. Season 5 starts with Julie’s promiscuous adventure in college and Tami’s new job at a new school and on top of all of that, coach Taylor has to keep an entire football team under his full control. Hold on tight, this is going to be a crazy, dramatic, and emotional ride. The Final Season Premiere airs on Friday at 8 P.M. on NBC.

2. Water For Elephants (Book)

Never have I been so excited and passionate about a book before, but like I mentioned on twitter, I couldn’t put it down. I’m almost done reading the book, and it’s endlessly intense. It always keeps you reading, with suspense that’s calibrated for your pleasure and the development of the characters throughout the story. I originally judged it as a dumb book about a guy who joins a circus. It’s so much more than that. It’s an emotional love story and you really feel for the characters. It’s so great, I can’t stop raving about it. It’s being made into a movie, and don’t be surprised to see it here soon.

3. The Relaunch/Return of Law & Order LA

After a big change in everything, from major cast members leaving, to the show’s format overall, what we’re going to watch tonight will probably be a series premiere of sorts, because it’s going to be a totally different show. Terrence Howard and Alfred Molina are now going to be in every episode, and a detective will die tonight, and that itself, is huge; the first time that’s happened in the Law & Order.

4. HBO’s Game of Thrones

This show has gotten so much buzz, it’s ridiculous. There’s been hype ever since the show was announced, and fans of the book are ecstatic about what the series will and could be. The title explains the show, it’s a battle for the throne of a kingdom, and everyone is fighting for it. Is it HBO’s most expensive series, no, but it is one of their biggest endeavors in recent time. You should watch, the premiere should be thrilling.

5. Rio

Fox’s latest CGI animated effort is already being hailed by critics and is reviving the international box office, earning over $50 million this weekend, and that’s not counting the U.S. From the makers of Ice Age, Rio is about a group of birds and their adventures and troubles in Brazil’s main city, which set a record this past weekend as the best opening weekend for an animated film ever for the country. I’m definitely going to give this one a try, and so should you.

That’s a wrap! Come right back here next week for a fresh but old (hint!) Most Wanted List!

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