Charlie Sheen’s War of Words with Warner Bros.


It appears Charlie Sheen may have just been lying about being in discussions to return to CBS’ hit comedy ‘Two and A Half Men’, according to a letter sent by Warner Brothers lawyers Munger Tolles & Olson to Charlie Sheen’s attorney, Marty Singer.

The letter, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, was very blunt with the Lawyers from Warner Bros. telling Charlie’s attorney to stop implying that conversations have been held. Charlie has been on several radio interviews saying that there have been “discussions” for him to return back to ‘Men’, but Warner Bros. is saying there hasn’t. Here’s the excerpt held by THR: “As you know, there have been no discussions, there are no discussions, and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement in the series.”

Didn’t I tell you it was blunt? Since the letter was meant to be private, we don’t know if there’s been a response from Sheen’s attorney, but Warner Bros. made it pretty clear: They don’t want Charlie Sheen back on Two and A Half Men.

Now, Marty Singer has come out saying that there have been discussions, telling this to TMZ, “There have been discussions as late as Tuesday, and all parties have been involved — Warner Bros., CBS , Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen was recently approached by a third party to resolve this matter.” Singer didn’t say if Warner Bros. was that “third party.” This story is developing as you read this, so tune in for more.

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