Friday Night Lights’ Final Season Premieres TONIGHT


Its actually very remarkable if you think about the whirlwind ride that ‘Friday Night Lights’ has endured in the past 5 years, but somehow, someway, the result has always gone in their favor.

How could a show that has had the lowest prospects for a future last so long? The six word catch phrase that everyone involved in the show and fans like me live by: Full Eyes, Clear Hearts, Can’t Lose

That’s what drives the cast and crew to work around the clock to make the best show they can, and they’ve beyond succeeded in that effort. If there’s any company I’d like to thank in keeping this show alive, it’s DirecTV. Their generosity in funding the show’s production costs have kept this show running for a guaranteed two more seasons, which seemed like a blessing from god to it’s die-hard fans. It’s been a long road, and even though I never want the show to end, I’m eager to see how the Taylors’ family story will play out in the end.

For tonight’s final season premiere, the episode, titled “Expectations,”picks up a couple of months after Julie leaves college, with Coach Taylor having high expectations for the Dillon Lions, as Tami struggles with her new job. Julie moves on to college and tries to make new friends. While unsuccessful with friends, she meets someone who works at the school. I know more, but that’s all I’ll say for now.

Of the many shows that I watch, it truly pains me to write this. I’m just so passionate about the show, it’s a masterpiece and it’s a damn shame that so many people haven’t given the show a chance. If you have a heart, watch this show. You’ll never look back. The final season premiere of Friday Night Lights premieres tonight at 8/7c on NBC.

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