Most Wanted List: Water for Elephants Premieres!


This week, the film adaptation of a book I had on last weeks list will top this week’s list. Also, a show is returning from a very long break, and it’s performing a song that I’ve been waiting to hear for months! That and more on this weeks Most Wanted List down below:

1. Water For Elephants

Last week was the book, this week is the film. Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in this romantic drama filled with action, suspense, and a lot of circus animals. The hype for the movie has been overwhelming; did you see the premiere this past weekend? Wow.

2. Glee Returns with Adele’s ‘Turning Tables’

Glee returns after what seems like the longest hiatus ever, and it’s coming with a bang. Gwyneth Paltrow returns as Holly Holiday becomes the first character to perform an Adele song for the show. Gwyneth (or Holly) will sing ‘Turning Tables’ on Tuesday night, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it tops iTunes the following day, while also boosting the original song’s sales.

3. Diddy-fied Hawaii Five-0

I haven’t tuned into this show for a while and I think it’s time to get back to this great drama. You can always count on this show when you need an easy show to watch and be just as entertained as if you were watching a complicated procedural. In tonight’s episode, Diddy guest stars as a detective from New York on the verge of doing something crazy to a crime family. Should be good!

4. Spring Break!

It’s about time. For me, I have 5 days off and I’m ready to chill and relax, aren’t you?

5. Friday Night Lights

Yes, it topped the charts last week, and it’s still on the list this week, why? Because it’s AMAZING. Last week’s episode blew me away, and this week’s episode will do the same. Why not watch the show and put it on the list? It’s just getting started, and it’s just getting better.

That’s a wrap! Come back next week for a freshly-new Most Wanted List!

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