Will Justin Timberlake Host SNL with Musical Guest Lady Gaga? Probably.


It’s looking on the upside for Justin Timberlake to be hosting the season finale of Saturday Night Live. The 30 year old actor/singer has already hosted the show 3 times, and due to a regretful tweet sent out by SNL’s official twitter account, he is due to host for a fourth time. An SNL fan sent a message to SNL on twitter saying this: “I didn’t realize that @nbcsnl isn’t back until May 7th!!! What am I going to do!? Is Tina Fey the season finale!? #SNL #aaahhhh.” The SNL twitter account messages back, saying, “Nope! We have Timberlake after that!”

Yup, he’s hosting.

Whether he will host the season finale is still up in the air (for me.) Even though the reports are saying he’ll host the finale, the tweet said said that they have Timberlake on after Tina Fey. Tina Fey’s SNL stint will be on May 7th, and the season finale is on May 21st, thats two weeks apart. The tweet may have referenced the week after Fey’s, which would be on May 14th. No reports have pointed this out, but I am, and I’m going to still wait and see what NBC’s press release says.

To make the news even better, several reports are saying that Lady Gaga will be the musical guest on that show. NBC has made no official announcement as of yet, but know that everyone knows, it should come out soon. The 36th season of SNL will close on May 21st on NBC.


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