NBC’s ‘Today’ Reaches 800 Weeks At #1


In an astonishing achievement, NBC’s ‘Today’ show has just passed it’s 800th consecutive week atop the morning television ratings.

In an interview, ‘Today’ executive producer Jim Bell said that he cares more about he quality of the show than the ratings of the show. “[We] really care more about the show than the streak. And our focus is on being timely and topical and urgent and fresh everyday. And the streak hopefully takes care of itself.”

‘Today’ was the first morning show ever and has been running for almost 60 years, making it one of the longest-running television shows in the history of television. It has been the #1 morning show for most of its history except in the late 1980s, where controversy arose with some leaked memos with former anchor Byrant Gumbel, and it’s ratings decreased significantly, giving way for ABC’s ‘Good Morning America to take first place. ‘Today’ took back the ratings crown in late 1995 and has gone 800 weeks without being beaten once.

When asked about the streak, Bell said “It is a nice number. We like numbers.”

I bet you do.

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