Most Wanted: The Royal Wedding Takes Over!


This week on the list, it’s a rare event, it happens about once in a generation, and well, it has to be #1! Also, a competitor to Idol?! Yes, and it’s all on this week’s Most Wanted List, down below!

1. The Royal Wedding

This will be my first (if I’m awake to see it,) and I’m very excited. William and Kate say their vows in front of a worldwide audience in the wedding of the century, and the worldwide press can’t stop talking about it! Coverage of the wedding will start at varying times, but will be at a stressful time for Americans that want to see it. The wedding is scheduled to start at around 5 A.M. Eastern time, and the major networks are beginning coverage at 4 A.M. On top of that, the networks will have coverage of the wedding all day (and weekend) long. Wow.

2. Michael Scott Leaving ‘The Office’

I’ve been watching this show since the week before DeAngelo Vickers came by Dunder Mifflin, and I’ll admit it: I was missing out on A LOT! Unfortunately, I have only been able to see a couple of episodes with the hilarious Steve Carell and now he’s leaving the show. Just my luck. But besides my idiotic ways, this is definitely going to be a watershed moment for the show, and if you’ve ever see The Office (even a bit of one episode), you’ll want to see this! Laughing and crying is a weird combination, but I guarantee you that die-hard fans of the show will experience both simultaneously.

3. NBC’s The Voice

The closest that NBC has had as a competitor to Fox’s smash hit ‘American Idol’ is their Glee-inspired competition series ‘The Sing-Off.’ Now they’re going all the way with a full-blown singing competition, and it looks like they actually have a shot at giving ‘American Idol’ a run for their money. ‘The Voice,’ premiering tomorrow on NBC, has 4 coaches, which are also big time (and current) musical artists: Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton. They have their backs turned back while the artists sing, and they tap a button when they want to work with them to help win the competition. Yes, I’m going to watch, and so should you.

4. Glee’s Supersized Gaga Episode

As we’re approaching the heavily-hyped Prom episode, more tensions rise at McKinley High. Quinn and Lauren (who would’ve thought) will apparently fight for the title of Prom Queen, all while the cast perform Lady Gaga’s smash hit ‘Born This Way.’ I’m actually more excited to see a Quinn/Lauren fight than anything else, who’s with me?

5. Law & Order: Criminal Intent Final Season Premiere

The least popular of the Law & Order Franchise (L&O LA is catching up), Criminal Intent returns for a final season, and Detective Goren starts off in a very weird note—he leans over (too close for comfort) and smells a suspect during an interrogation. Hmmm….

That’s a wrap! Come back next week for a freshly new and funny (hint!) Most Wanted List!

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