Comedy’s Sad Night: Michael Scott Leaves ‘The Office’


It’s a big night for NBC, ‘The Office,’ and the genre of comedy television overall, as Steve Carell’s final episode starring in the hit NBC mockumentary airs tonight.

As you know, after seven seasons and 148 episodes, Michael Scott is going to leave his managing job at Dunder Mifflin to live in Colorado with his wife, Holly (played by Amy Ryan.) Steve Carell has received 4 Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe for his performance on ‘The Office’ and it’s dramatically changed his career. He’s stared in many hit comedies in the past decade like ‘Little Miss Sunshine,’ ‘Date Night,’ and the cult classic, ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin.’

Steve Carell has somewhat set the standard for TV Comedy, with his exaggerated, awkward, and dry comedy. Modern Family’s Ty Burrell probably got some inspiration from Carell, and he got an Emmy nomination for it last year. What’s probably more crazy than the success of the show is that Carell has never won an Emmy for his work on ‘The Office.’ Seriously? It’s long overdue and he has one more chance to get the award at this years Emmys, and hopefully they’ll give it to him.

This guy runs the show. How the cast can remain equally funny is going to be an answer that only time will tell. Will Ferrell is expected to become manager when Carell leaves, but will he stay there permanently? Producers aren’t saying. He is going to stay through the end of this season.

So long, Michael Scott.

As I mentioned before, Steve Carell’s final ‘Office’ episode airs tonight, and the season finale of ‘The Office will air May 19th on NBC.


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