The Voice, Teen Mom Army Wives and More Top TV News You Need


Tons of TV news have poured out in the last 2 days from renewals to pickups to cancellations, and even multiple lawsuits! If you’ve been out of the loop, here’s some info that can get you right back in with the TV news you need to know.

1. ‘The Voice’ Jumps Even Higher in Week 2

Many said that NBC’s new singing competition series couldn’t be able to retain it’s monster ratings it received in it’s premiere, but they were fortunately mistaken. ‘The Voice’ jumped 12 percent to a mind-blowingly high 5.7 adults 18-49. ‘The Voice’ beat usual Tuesday heavy-hitters like Fox’s Glee, CBS’ NCIS, and even ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. In the 4+ years that I’ve been looking at TV ratings, I’ve never seen numbers like that for a non-sports show on NBC. Congrats to them, they have a hit in their hands. We’ll just have to see if the numbers hold up next week in the battle rounds.

2. MTV Renews ‘Teen Mom’ Super Early

Networks usually do this when a show is wildly popular like American Idol, except that this is MTV, so how big could this show be? Well its pretty damn big in the cable world. ‘Teen Mom’ has been renewed for a fourth season and the third season hasn’t even premiered yet. Why so confident? ‘Teen Mom’ has performed strongly in it’s Tuesday 10 PM hour and is consistently the #1 or #2 cable show of the night. Also, it’s MTV’s second-most popular show, just behind the pop culture phenomenon Jersey Shore.

3. NBA Star Chris Bosh sues Wife Over VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’

Miami Heat Forward Chris Bosh has filed a lawsuit against his wife over her involvement with VH1’s hit reality show ‘Basketball Wives,’ according to The Hollywood Reporter. The basketball star is accusing his wife of using his name and their former relationship as a big asset to the show, and that the show’s title doesn’t make sense, since all the women on the show are either ex-wives or girlfriends that currently aren’t with the NBA stars, one being Bosh’s ex-wife, Allison Mathis. ‘Basketball Wives’ is one if VH1’s highest-rated shows, and it’s third season will premiere on May 30th.

4. Lifetime Renews ‘Army Wives’

Lifetime has renewed is hugely successful drama ‘Army Wives’ for a 13-episode sixth season. The show is Lifetime’s highest-rated show and is (get this) the #1 show on cable among women 18-49, Lifetime’s target audience. Season 5 has averaged over 3.7 million viewers.

5. Osama Bin Laden Presidential Address Sets Records Across the Board

President Obama’s Address to the nation late Sunday night announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden drew the largest audience for a Presidential Address from the Obama Administration with over 56 million people tuning in. Also, twitter received record traffic, with the micro-blogging company announcing that between 10:45 PM and 2:20 AM, the website received over 3,440 tweeds per second on average, a new “sustained” teething record. At it’s peak, there were over 5,100 tweeds being sent out per second last Sunday.

7. CBS Being Sued Over Causing Piracy

A man is suing CBS saying that it provided users the content to pirate many types of multimedia, including CBS’ own shows. Alki David is saying CBS subsidiary CNET has provided the file-sharing program Lime Wire to an estimated 220 million people that have downloaded it off of CBS websites. Many of those 220 million use the program to download and share files illegally, and David is practically saying that CBS shares some responsibility for the piracy. This has to be up there with the craziest lawsuits of the year. I don’t see this guy going too far with the case.

Wow! So much stuff, right? Well no worries, you’re all caught up with the TV world, at least for now…

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