Most Wanted: The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Bloodfest Finale!


May sweeps is here, and with it comes a slew of finales, and this weeks list (and upcoming lists) will be filled with them. All that and more on this week’s list, down below!

1. The Vampire Diaries Season Finale

It’s judgement day on TVD, where we will finally see how and if Elena and her vampires/witches can take down super Vampire/Werewolf hybrid Klaus in what is sure to be an action-packed episode. I can’t wait!!!

2. Bridesmaids

I have loved Kristen Wiig ever since I first saw her do Gilly on SNL way back when, and I’ve always wanted her to be in the starring role, and her day has come. Even though the Judd Apatow directed flick is an ensemble, the story revolves around Wiig, who is in a 30s slump when her friend tells her she’s getting married and makes her (Wiig) a bridesmaid. Hell ensues when she and the other bridesmaids try to do everything right for their dear friend, including that crazy bachelorette party. This could seriously be the best comedy of the year, so go watch it!

3. Glee

Prom is fast approaching, and the Glee club tries to score a gig to perform in it. With the episode comes a slate of songs, from Adele’s ‘Rolling In the Deep,’ to Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ (which has gotten some controversy.) This should be fun fun fun!

4. The Voice

The shows quickly becoming more popular, and with that comes quick change. Two weeks in and we’re already going to slash the contestant amount in half, and there will be some hard decisions for Cee-Lo, Adam, Christina and Blake to make. Drama and good singing (don’t forget since both contestants sing at the same time, it’s kind of a duet!) should be a given this Tuesday night. One thing I’m wondering about is how they’re going to make Elenowen compete with the others? Will it be 3 in the ring or Ellen against Owen? Hmm…

5. Series Finale of Smallville

This show has kept the faltering TV genre of superheroes on the air for over a decade and it’s ending right on time for NBC to possibly revive ‘Wonder Woman’ for the 2011-2012 season. However, this show has captivated millions and is the CW’s longest surviving show ever, premiering to over 8 million viewers in it’s pilot episode when WB was still around. Let’s just hope that it goes into syndication so I can see what the hell this shows about, but for now, so long, Clark Kent.

That’s it for this week! Come back next week for a finale-packed edition of the Most Wanted List!


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