NBC Fall Schedule


As expected, NBC has released their fall schedule, and with it are coming some big changes to the network. NBC has abandoned its “Comedy Night, Done Right, All Night” slogan and will instead air two hours of comedy on Thursdays (‘Whitney’ being the only new comedy on Thursdays) and UK import ‘Prime Suspect’ filling in the 10 PM hour. NBC has moved Parks and Recreation to 8:30 on Thursdays, and has kept Community and The Office intact. A HUGE change has come for Mondays on the network, with no shows from this season airing on Mondays. The Sing-Off will fill in 2 hours on Mondays (8-10PM) and The Playboy Club, a new series, will fill in the 10 PM hour. As for Chuck, which has had the Monday night slot since its inception will move over to Fridays at 8 PM (currently being held by Friday Night Lights,) and will be followed by new fantasy series Grimm, and the usual Dateline to end the night. Harry’s Law, which made a splash on Mondays, will move over to Wednesdays at 9 PM, with  2 comedies airing before it (Up All Night and Free Agents,) and Law & Order: SVU will stay at 10 PM on Wednesdays. Nothing changed on Tuesdays, with The Biggest Loser and Parenthood filling up the night.

Also, NBC has indeed done what I have suspected: They will move ‘The Voice’ to Midseason. It will air on Monday nights (to avoid competition from American Idol) for 2 hours (from 8-10 PM) and will be succeeded by ‘Smash’ at 10 PM, giving it an all-musical night. Sunday Nights in Midseason will be filled by 2 hours of Dateline and a new law show, ‘The Firm.’

To grasp all of this is graphical terms, here’s a chart of the schedule that Entertainment Weekly has made. (Thanks so much, EW!)




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